Interacting with the Physical Web and the Tales of the Park site is opt-in: if you haven’t activated the Physical Web on your smartphone and you don’t visit the link, you won’t leave a trace on the Tales of the Park systems.

If you do, when you visit the site, it will set a cookie on your device, which allows the system to keep track of which chatbots you've interacted with. In addition, your conversations with the chatbots and the name that you’ve given to them will be saved to the Tales of the Park database, and some of what you say to the chatbots will be shared with other players.

You don’t have to use your real name, and the system doesn't record any information that could identify you personally. We will analyse the information you submit to understand the sort of contributions people are willing to make, and we would like to use some of the contributions in academic papers and publicity. If we do use contributions in this way, they won’t have names associated with them.

If you have any questions about what data is collected, or if you would like to have your data deleted, contact Duncan Hay at